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Monitoring (grid state visualization)

The p2pmpi.jar contains the runVisu program. This program runs a peer (like MPD peers) which joins the peer group and is able to query MPDs about their status (what computers are hosting them, what application they are running, ...). Therefore, you do not have to run a MPD to be able to monitor the grid state.

The participating peers are shown in a table (below).

runVisu table view

You can have the corresponding graph view of peers, which shows peers that are currently working (orange) and those available (blue). (Red is for transient failure).

runVisu graph view

Multi-OS example

The snapshot comes from p2pmpi-0.13.0 running on MacOSX Tiger 10.4.3. The Mac is running at my home and has private IP Another PC running Windows XP is running (IP, while other computers at my university are running Linux. The windows computer appears to be in the u-strasbg.fr domain because this i originally declared the computer name to be iso.u-strasbg.fr and this name is reported in the advertisment. (Note that runVisu does not do whois queries).

runVisu on MacOSX

Large scale peer group

The following screenshot has been taken during an experiment with a couple hundreds of peers running on the Grid5000 experimental testbed.

Grid5000 example