OpenScop Library 0.9.0 (updated 2014-06-03)

About OpenScop

OpenScop is an open specification defining a file format and a set of data structures to represent a static control part (SCoP for short), i.e., a program part that can be represented in the polyhedral model. The goal of OpenScop is to provide a common interface to various polyhedral compilation tools in order to simplify their interaction. The OpenScop aim is to provide a stable, unified format that offers a durable guarantee that a tool can use an output or provide an input to another tool without breaking a tool chain because of some internal changes in one element of the chain. The other promise of OpenScop is the ability to assemble or replace the basic blocks of a polyhedral compilation framework at no, or at least low engineering cost. The OpenScop Library, a.k.a. osl, is an example implementation of the specification licensed under the 3-clause BSD licence so developers may feel free to use it in their code (either by linking it or copy-pasting its code).


The following information ressources are available to OpenScop users: Three Google Groups are open for discussions around OpenScop:


Latest Release Version:
OpenScop Library 0.9.0
Once downloaded and unpacked (e.g. using the "tar -zxvf osl-0.9.0.tar.gz" command), you can compile the OpenScop Library by typing the following commands on OpenScop's root directory: Development Version:
To benefit from the latest improvements and bug fixes (and new bugs!), you can try the development version of the OpenScop Library:


This work is supported in part by the MANY project of the ITEA2 program, under convention number 112930234 with Direction Générale de la Compétitivité de l'Industrie et des Services, sponsored by France's Ministère de l'Economie, des Finances et de l'Industrie.