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Research area

Automatic parallelization - static & dynamic analysis and optimization of programs - loop nest parallelization - polytope model

Curriculum Vitae

I am professor in computer science at the University of Strasbourg. I submitted my doctorate in 1990 at the University of Besançon and my "Habilitation à diriger les recherches" in 2000 at the University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg. I am managing the ICPS team in Strasbourg and the INRIA team CAMUS.

My research work is concerned with compilation and optimization of programs. I am developping tools and mathematic methods dedicated to precise code analysis and optimization. The main application domains are high performance computing and multi-core parallelization.


List of publications (some are available in postscript)

Un article de vulgarisation paru dans le bulletin de l'APMEP : Sur les extensions et les utilisations en Informatique d'un résultat Mathématique : Les polynômes d'Ehrhart

Eugène Ehrhart

A Tribute to Eugène Ehrhart

List of Ehrhart's publications 1947-1996

Some nice drawings by E. Ehrhart himself !