The Polyhedral Library (PolyLib for short) operates on objects made up of unions of polyhedra of any dimension. It was first developed by Doran Wilde at IRISA, in Rennes, France, in connection with the ALPHA project. This first version (1.1) manipulates non parameterized unions of polyhedra through the following operations: intersection, difference, union, convex hull, simplify, image and preimage, plus some input and output functions. The polyhedra are computed in their dual implicit and Minkowski representations, in homogeneous spaces.

Version 2 of the PolyLib included parameterized vertices computation. PolyLib3.14 includes Ehrhart polynomials computation, which permits to count the number of integer points contained in a parameterized polyhedron. PolyLib4 included the GNU MP library (as a compilation option), and 64 bits computations, in order to avoid integer overflows. Polylib5 is a merge of Strasbourg, Rennes and BYU Polylib.

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