Guillaume Latu

Pole API, Boulevard Seb. Brant
67400 Illkirch
Email : latu at
Office : B 228
Tel: (+33)(0)44225 6357
Laboratory: LSIIT
Teams: CALVI
Teaching: UFR Math-Info


Assistant professor at University of Strasbourg since 2003.
Since september 2009, I am research scientist at CEA on partial secondment from the University of Strasbourg.
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Research Area

Parallel algorithmics, Numerical simulation, Numerical schemes, Large scale applications, Adaptive annd multiscale schemes, Population Dynamics, Plasma Physics, Grid computing.

PhD Thesis

Title : "Parallel algorithmic and high performance computing dedicated to a simulation of a host-macroparasite system" (december 2002)
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Peer-reviewed journal publications:
[J7] Crouseilles (N.), Latu (G.), Sonnendrücker (E.). A parallel Vlasov solver based on local cubic spline interpolation on patches. Journal of Computational Physics. In Press,
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[J3] Langlais (M.), Latu (G.), Roman (J.) and Silan (P.). Performance analysis and qualitative results of an efficient parallel stochastic simulator for a marine host-parasite system. Concurrency & Computation: Practice and Experience. Vol. 15, Issue 11-12, sept. 2003, pp. 1133-1150.
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Peer-reviewed conference publications:
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Book contributions:
[B1] Silan (P.), Caltran (H.) and Latu (G.). Ecologie et dynamique des populations de monogènes, ectoparasites de téléostéens marins : approche et contribution montpelliéraine. Chapter of the book `` Taxonomy, ecology and evolution of metazoan parasites '' in honnor to Louis Euzet (Ed. C. Combes & J. Jourdane) Presses Univ. de Perpignan.