Guillaume Latu

IRFM - CEA Cadarache
Bat. 513, 13108 Saint-Paul-lez-Durance
Email: guillaume.latu at
Tel: (+33)(0)44225 6357
Former laboratory: iCube
Current laboratory: CEA/IRFM


Since september 2009, I am research scientist at CEA on partial secondment from the University of Strasbourg.
Here is a curriculum vitae

Research Area

Parallel algorithmics, Numerical simulation, Numerical schemes, Large scale applications, Adaptive and multiscale schemes, Plasma Physics.

PhD Thesis

Title : "Parallel algorithmic and high performance computing dedicated to a simulation of a host-macroparasite system" (december 2002)
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Title : "Contribution to high-performance simulation and highly scalable numerical schemes" (may 2018)
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