Choopan Rattanapoka

Yes, it's me ICPS-LSIIT
Pôle API
Boulevard Sébastien Brant
67400 Illkirch

E-mail : choopan at
Tel: (+33) 03 90 24 45 42

Curriculum Vitae

I graduated the "DEA d'infomatique"(Computer Science Post-Master in Advanced Studied) from Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg in 2004. Now, I'm a second year Ph.D student at the same university under the direction of Prof. Catherine Mongenet. My research laboratory is the ICPS-LSIIT laboratory (CNRS-ULP). I'm currently working in the TAG team with Dr. Stéphane Genaud as my thesis advisor.

Research Areas

Parallel Programming (MPI)
Fault-tolerance on Grid
Peer-to-Peer technologies

Interested Areas

Operating Systems
Programming Languages
Peer-to-Peer technologies
Game and Network Programming


Introduction Réseaux (L2-info)
Programmation object orienté (L2-info)
Conception et programmation object orienté (L3-RIA)

Introduction aux bases de données et XML (Licence PRO ATC)
Base de données (IUP TASV 2ème année)
Réseaux locaux et applications 2 (IUP 2ème année)
Programmation systèmes réseaux (DEUG 2ème année)


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Programming Hobbies

PictureHunter : A directX game to find 5 different points on 2 photos (June 1, 2000).
GBA Tetris : A simple tetris game on the Game Boy Advanced(GBA) platform (May 29, 2003).
ABC : An improved client for the bittorrent peer-to-peer file distribution solution (August 20, 2003).


mpiJava-1.2 API Specification [HTML] [PDF]
Jxta Project [here]
P3 (Personal Power Plant) [here]
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