The development version now supports the OpenScop format and features

About Candl

Candl (Chunky ANalyzer for Dependences in Loops) is a free software and a library devoted to data dependences computation. It has been developed to be a basic bloc of our optimizing compilation tool chain in the polyhedral model. From a polyhedral representation of a static control part of a program, it is able to compute exactly the set of statement instances in dependence relation. Hence, its output is useful to build program transformations respecting the original program semantics. This tool has been designed to be robust and precise. It implements some usual techniques for data dependence removal, as array privatization or array expansion, offers simplified abstractions like dependence vectors and performs violation dependence analysis.


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Latest Release Version:
Candl 0.5.0
Development Version:
To benefit from the latest improvements and bug fixes (and new bugs!), you can try the development version of Candl:


This work is supported in part by the MANY project of the ITEA2 program, under convention number 112930234 with Direction Générale de la Compétitivité de l'Industrie et des Services, sponsored by France's Ministère de l'Economie, des Finances et de l'Industrie.