The parametric vertices

The loop nest is modeled by the one-parameter polyhedral iteration space defined by:

P_n = { (i, j, k) in Z^3 | 0 <= i <= n, 0 <= j <= i, 0 <= k <= i-j }

From a geometrical point of view, all the points (i, j, k) of P_n resulting in the same value of t = t(i, j, k), belong to the two-parameters rational polytope:

T_{n, t} = P_n × { (i, j, k) in Z^3 | i + j + k = t }

The number of points in T_{n, t} is par(n, t).
Giving this last parametric definition of T_{n, t} as an input to the parametric vertices finding program, it outputs the following results:

Figure 1

Figure 2

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